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The Best Indoor Activities

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Stuck inside with your kids? Desperate for indoor activities and games for your kids to keep them active?

You’re in the right place. This is a list of tonnes of creative active indoor activities that will help your kids burn off all of that energy, help them feel better, and de-stress.


Doreen Foxwell from The Children’s School of Yoga says that “yoga has so many wonderful ways that it can help a child to stay fit and well indoors or out.

Each child benefits in a different way based on their own individual needs..For ie: A child with ADD or ADHD benefits by learning how to self regulate their behaviors and actions through yoga breaths and meditations.

An everyday child may benefit from increasing their lung capacity for participating in team sports. A toddler benefits differently than a teen. Toddlers are learning balance skills while teens need to work on flexibility from being in school all day or sitting too much..

The beauty of yoga is that it can be done anywhere. Indoors, outdoors. At school. At home. In a studio. Virtually…

Yoga poses benefit a child’s body inside and out by building flexibility, improving balance skills, building muscular strength.

Yoga breathing techniques combined with poses help to balance a child’s nervous system, improve circulation, and increases the benefits of an individual pose.

Additional benefits of practicing yoga is the ability to stay calm during chaos. It helps calm a child’s fight or flight response. It allows a child to act instead of reacting.

Practicing Yoga allows a child to learn mindfulness meditations that they can use during their school days, activities and later into their adult life, work life, and family life.”


  • Tree to Mountain or Mountain to tree pose: These are “Grounding Poses” Which is a good thing in yoga. Grounding means you feel connected to the Earth and in control.
  • Mountain Pose is simply standing tall with your arms down by your side. Straight legs and arms. Close your eyes for a moment and breathe..
  • Tree pose is leaving one leg planted in the ground or straight while the other leg bends at the knee and the sole of the foot of the bent leg rests on the inside of the standing leg.
  • Your hands can stretch and reach overhead or have your palms pressed together overhead or in front of your heart. Switch sides..

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